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What People Say About Us....

My daughter Grace has been at A-Stars since she was 5 yrs old, she is now approaching her 18th birthday . 

The support that Grace has had over the years has been amazing. Lauren encourages Grace to be the best she can when she is dancing and in her coaching classes . Grace loves the shows and I absolutely love seeing her dance in them. I am so proud of her when I see Grace dance 

I wish Grace was starting her A Stars journey again...Thank you Lauren 

Our 7 year old son absolutely loves A-Stars! In just a few months, we’ve seen his love of dancing and movement shine through. He has grown in confidence and enjoys learning the different routines, eagerly awaiting class each week and meeting new friends.

Maisie Testimonial.jpeg

From summer camps, weekly coaching to end of year performances, Maisie just loves every minute of going to A-Stars. Lauren is so incredibly welcoming and talented and makes it such a fantastic experience for all the girls. She helps develop the girl’s confidence, talent and passion for dancing. We would recommend A-Stars to anyone!

Our daughter has really flourished since joining A-Stars over 2 years ago, Its such a well run company with personable staff who really know what they are talking about.  Along with being very  inspirational, fun and a great way to keep fit! 

A-Stars is one of the best things my daughter is involved with. She has made friends, gained confidence and skill since joining 2 years ago and loves attending every class. She really enjoys the summer dance camp every summer holidays and it’s so lovely seeing her perform in this show and the annual showcase. Lauren is so kind, patient and supportive; such a positive role model! There is never any pressure - just fun times and gentle guidance. I would recommend A-Stars to anyone with a daughter interested in dance. 

I have attended A-Stars since I was 4 years old, the classes are so much fun. I love learning the dance routines and it’s so exciting when we have a show case, and everyone watches. Lauren is really kind too and a great teacher

Amelia Worswick, age 9

Darcy has been attending A-Stars for 5 years, Lauren is an incredible teacher, who treats each student individually and brings out the best in each student. She has an amazing and consistent team. Lauren and her team have high energy, positive vibes and clear communication to all students and parents.

Joasia McGrattan

A-Stars is the highlight of my daughter's week, so much that she now goes twice a week (and is even asking me to do a third session). We wanted our Soph to get into dance to develop her confidence and wow have we seen that! 

We tried other dance schools but they were not for her. However, from the moment that she started at A-Stars, she has gone from an extremely shy little girl into a very confident performer. We have seen the confidence grow in all aspects of her life, not just dance. The dances and song choices are perfectly adapted to the girl's ages and interests. 

Soph took part in her first A-Stars show in June at The Grove Theatre and we were expecting our little girl to be hiding at the back, copying everyone else and looking like she was scared. Wow, were we wrong!!! Her confidence and enjoyment of dance was mesmerising and brought her whole family to tears. The show was absolutely brilliant, as were all of the dancers. 

The same happened at the A-Stars summer camp where the children not only took part in dance, but singing and acting too. Soph even volunteered to do a solo and sang and read her lines so confidently. We were amazed by her and how Lauren and her team had put together such an outstanding show in just 5 days! Soph is already looking forward to next year's! 

Communication is always brilliant and the children are always at the heart of all that A-Stars do. We can't wait to see where A-Stars takes our Sophie. 

To say we are extremely grateful to all at A-Stars would be an understatement. To see our little girl thriving, doing something that she loves means the world! Thank you all at A-Stars! 

Liana enjoys the classes that you teach and looks forward to them every week. We can’t wait for my younger daughter to start soon too. Our daughter has transformed from a shy girl to a confident person always on the move when the music is on. As much as Liana is impressed with the dance and seeing the success and the positivity we have made a decision to also book her for acro classes .


Liana says “ Lauren teaches the best and I can’t wait for my next lesson “


Our little girl started dancing in 2022 with A-Stars. As she started the dance class with Lauren, she became more confident, less shy. As parents, we could see big changes in our daughters life. Thank you Lauren for all your hard work, we are very grateful. 

Mrs Filimon 

Amelie loved her time with A-Stars at Ramsey doing street dance and cheer leading breakfast clubs. She absolutely loves her dance and acro lessons each week and can't wait to show me the routines and new moves she has learnt when she comes home. It is really helping with her confidence and she is really enjoying the opportunity to perform in shows too. 

Thanks for all your hard work!

My daughter has been attending A-Stars since she was 4.  She is now 16 and still loves every minute of it. The work Lauren and the team do to break down the dance routines and run through at everyone’s pace, is great.  It has given her confidence to dance on stage for both the A-Stars shows, school shows and Pantos. She has made some great friends over the years too. I would recommend A-Stars to both boys and girls.

Clara has always been very shy, but since starting A-Stars almost 2 years ago she has become so much more confident in herself, she really enjoys lessons, comes out every week with a huge smile on her face and absolutely loves taking part in the shows, especially being able to say she has performed in a 'real theatre'.  Lauren and team have a great fun approach to dance and a really friendly environment that ensures everyone becomes friends as well as classmates.


I like going to A-Stars because it's loads of fun and you get to learn loads of new things. It's a really good way to make new friends because you get to dance in one big group of people. 



My daughter has been a member of A-Stars for a number of years now and absolutely loves it! 

I can’t recommend it enough, my daughter’s confidence has really grown and she has progressed really well, displaying great technique and knowledge. She has made a number of friends and it also helps to keep her fit and active - which is an added bonus! 

Laurens’ teaching skills are amazing and I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of giving it a try. 

J Kelly 

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